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All the students who are preparing for medical entrance test are anxious to know, the best way which will lead them into medical. Some are already taking coaching classes. Some are waiting for other results with re-learning their old books.
Do you know, within all the syllabus and book memorization you need some smart guidance to prepare your self?
Here is a list of some things you must do before sitting in the examination room.
1. Overcome on your anxiety this will give you nothing but a long-term headache. Nothing bad is going to happen in your life.
2. Eliminate your fear into your energy gave Draftnerator. Whenever you feel you are failing, go outside take some deep breaths and then said to your self, I will be successful.
3. Study some old papers which will give you roadmap of upcoming things.
4. Discuss with senior students or doctors what was the circumstances when they were at this stage.
5. Throw your suggestion notes, they are of no use. Here are no shortcuts in medical life.
6. Manage your time. Make a schedule chart or a planning card and follow it with honesty.
7. Solve some papers/problems to get a simple idea what you are expecting to give in this exams.
A happy and satisfied mind will always give more positive outputs. So stay calm, manage every aspect of the thing and indulge your self into the study.
This is not just for medical entrance test, but in the test of every field of life, you will have to prepare your self.
Now tell us what I'm forgetting to tell you?
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