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Why is it that every once in a while there is disrespect of our religion by some non-Muslim and so-called pacifist countries, sometimes our Messenger - sometimes the source of guidance (holy Quran) is disgraced. while there are huge number of Muslims in this world.
اور تو اور ہماری اپنی حکومت بھی ہاتھ پے ہاتھ دھرے بیٹھی ہے۔
I am new in this group, :) please give me suggestions, how to proceed in forum thanks.:rolleyes:

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Al-Qayyum & Co.
Rana Usman Anwar
Mob/ WA: 0348-4580880
Add: Fazal building 2nd floor opposite NBP kutchery road Sialkot.
Assalam o alikum to all
I am a digital marketer any one need help or want to discuss any thing related to digital marketing can message me without hesitation.
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Adda Sultan
wasalaam, yes, i want to learn more on digital marketing, can you tell me what best digital marketing strategy you may apply to get top results!
Tayyab Ishaq
Tayyab Ishaq
Brother i want to know the advanced skills and basics about SEO of website. I have a website of E-Commerce in Pakistan, i also want to market this website
Owner of cake making business seeking market support. Helping new commers teaching and counselling business ideas and push them into the next level any one can consult me. Any time.
I can help in digital marketing
Abdul Rehman
I want to know the basics of on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Techniques for good SEO
I am political news blogger. And blogging is attitude of ERA.
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