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Christmas Eve was coming
Felicitous, happy and loving
But Della sobbed, sniffled
As she got mingled

To buy a gift for Jim
Della planned for him
But she got only thing
Worth enough than everything

That was her brown hair
That looked like a silken flare
She then sold her very grace
To buy platinum’s gold strand

For Jim’s got his only pride
Ancestral gold watch of like
That is made for the same strand
Della bought for his man

She was then back to home
Trying to hide her facial gloom
She was covering her head plain
So, that Jim could never blame

Looking like a school boy
Who is going for first trial
Oh my god! Della praised
Make him think I am quail

Waited waited anxiously
Heard a voice instantly
Rushed toward the obstruct door
She then looked abrupt a more

There came lean youngster
Looked at her like a flutter
Hold Della with her hand
Della tried to think of strand

Both exchanged their secret presents
Got amazed at their marvel
Dell screamed with joy and tears
That Jim had brought her combs of rare

Jeweled combs which cost him sale
His very own golden strand
The two united at dinner table
Wondering over their eternal fable..