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“All will join in intra-Afghan dialogue” says Khalilzad on Taliban talks due in Doha.


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WASHINGTON/KABUL: The special representative of United States for Afghan peace talks, Zalmay Khalilzad, said “men [and] women, young [and] not-so-young, all will join in intra-Afghan dialogue in Doha [and] eventual negotiations”.

Ambassador Khalilzad notified of the update on Twitter following a meeting with Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani.
“Had important meeting with Pres @AshrafGhani today. We have momentum now with #Afghans working together across party & society.

In his full statement on Twitter, on the other hand, it was noted that Khalilzad discussed “how to ensure the intra-Afghan dialogue in Doha next week, in which representatives of the Afghan government and wider society will participate, can best advance our shared goal of accelerating a settlement process”.
According to the statement, discussions were held “with former President Karzai, leaders of the High Peace Council, and other prominent Afghans”.

“Ambassador Khalilzad underscored the imperative of reducing violence across Afghanistan in the coming weeks and explored ways to build broader regional support for

the current effort to realize the Afghan people’s yearning for peace,” it added.