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‘Mera Jism Meri Marzi’ doesn’t mean I want to rip off my clothes, says Mahira Khan.

Mahira Khan opened up and revealed why she attends the Aurat March every year and what are the three things she finds attractive in a man.

“I think it is necessary for me [to go to Aurat March] because I think when I do something, no matter how small it is, it leaves an impact,” said the actor. “So when I go to Aurat March, what I’m actually trying to say is ‘Look, if you like me and if you think what I say means something if you think I that I’m on the right side of history, or whatever you think of me, this is also what I believe in, this is why I’m here.'”

Honestly, mere Aurat March jaane se itna ziada kuch nae hota siwaye iske ke it creates an impact,” added Mahira.

Mahira also shared her thoughts on the Mera Jism Meri Marzi slogan saying: “It [the slogan] doesn’t mean that I want to rip off my clothes. It means that I’m a whole person. This is my body, and if you are looking at me and I’m not feeling comfortable about it, I have the right to say that don’t look at me. Or if you are trying to touch me I can report you, because yeh mera jism hai, aur yeh meri marzi hai [it’s my body, and I have complete right over it].”

During the interview, Mahira also shared that while growing up her parents gave her the freedom to make her own judgments.

Meanwhile, answering a question about three things she finds attractive in a man, Mahira said: “I find both men and women attractive when they are at complete peace with themselves.”

“Secondly, I love sense of humour”, shared Mahira. “I like someone who makes me laugh and if someone is not making me laugh then I make them laugh.”

“Thirdly I like it when a man truly respects a woman,” added the actor.

Though Mahira keeps her personal life tightly under wraps, designer Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, in a quarantine live session accidentally revealed the name of Mahira’s beau and cajoled her into opening up about him.

When HSY asked Mahira how she feels when she looks into his eyes, Mahira said: “There’s a line in Humsafar, which I thought was beautiful, where Ashar says to Khirad, ‘Pata nahi tum mujhe kis naiki kay badlay main milli ho.’ I think the same about him. I must have done something good in my life.”

Meanwhile, Mahira has recently ventured into production with a web series titled Baarwan Khiladi. The actor has set up a production house Soulfry Films with her friend and producer Nina Kashif. Baarwan Khiladi will be their first project together.