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World's largest autonomous car racing event

As the UAE prepares to host the world's largest autonomous car racing event in April 2024, there are plans to introduce the world's first flying car race, and the UAE is a top contender to host it, according to Christian Pineau, CEO of Maca Flight, the first hydrogen-powered flying racing car producer. Maca Flight, an independent entity spun off from Airbus, revealed its flying racing car earlier this year. Priced at $2 million (Dh7.34 million), the vehicle boasts a maximum speed of 250 kilometers per hour and zero CO2 emissions.
Pineau envisions the flying car race, set 4-5 meters above the ground, attracting 8 to 10 participants in its debut. The UAE, particularly Dubai, is being considered as a potential host for this groundbreaking racing championship, with interest also shown by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain. The goal is to establish a flying racing car championship by the end of 2025, with the first race potentially taking place in the UAE. The project is in collaboration with Red Bull, known for its involvement in extreme sports.