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Which educational system is better

  • schooling?

    Votes: 2 66.7%
  • homeschooling?

    Votes: 1 33.3%

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Homeschooling means education of children at home by parents or private teacher. In this way of teaching, parents decided to choose own syllabus and curriculum for his/her children.
Parents decide to homeschool their children when they are uncomfortable are have some issues in sending their children into the school.
It's it a very papular and accepted way of teaching in abroad. Even in Muslim countries, all madrasa's system was like this system in past as informal teaching style. But now it is followed just for religious studies.
Now in a country like Pakistan, who is A Muslim country. And where curriculum followed in schools covers all nations religious, social and emotional values and teachers who attend the classes are also Muslim and educated, it is a point to think why this system is getting popularity rapidly. Parents who are reasonable and educated, preferring to homeschool their children.
My question is why?
Why parents are so untrusty in sending their children in schools?

  • Because the syllabus is not reliable?
  • Are teachers untrusty?
  • Is the environment the reason?
  • Or anything else?
I want a healthy discussion as a teacher and a parent on it. Please share your thoughts here about homeschooling in Pakistan. May your discussion and storage point will open the doors of all of us for a better future of our generations.
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Aslam o Alikum. In my view, the teacher is worrying to send their children out of the home.
In other countries, the reasons may vary but Pakistan is getting the riskiest place for children.

Abdul Hashir

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Yes, people are afraid of the external environment of our streets and other public places. No corner could be, marked as the safe zone for kids.


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I had always wanted to homeschool my kids because I thought I could do a much better job with them. Alhamdulillah I have finally taken a plunge with my youngest one who is 6 plus years. She is now being completely homeschooled by myself and my elder daughters. We have distributed subjects among ourselves and MaShaAllah all seem to be doing very well.

Shehla Naz

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Asalam o Alaikum to all,
In my opinion; the parents prefer homeschooling due to following reasons:
a. The syllabus is not uniform in all institition. The private sector is following their own policies and diverse curriculum while the public schools are following the syllabus designed by education sector. As a result the students are not assessed at a uniform level. It further hits the competency level of the students.
b. There is a great potential of professional teachers in Pakistan. But the problem is this that most of the teachers join this profession as they don't feel comfortable in other professions. Some join accidentally. Some join as there isn't any other option for them. A very few are there who join teaching as passion. So we can find good teachers but passion can't be created in them. It results the frustration in teachers about policies and pressure from management. They hardly bother to keep the students excel in studies.
c. The educational policies are changed within a session. At least the policies should be for two sessions so that the implementation, their results and correction after experiences can be done. The instant changes create chaos not only in syllabi completion but also creates confusions for educators in implementing them. In the result the students suffer.
This list can be confined in numbers. Day to day many changes are seen in society which hinder in schools performance so parents get annoyed. Due to COVID-19; the parents have to pay fee and then students have to stay at home without having any facility for online classes. Issues are so many. These varies to areas of Pakistan. The most important thing is this that if all of us just do something at our ends to contribute in progress of educational system then there would be a great difference in all the view. We all need to be positive.