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Information Who is a millionaire

Who is a millionaire

millionaire is the one who has peace and happiness. He who has a bank balance, but does not have peace of mind, is not a millionaire. A millionaire is a person who does not have the resources, but has peace of mind.

2. millionaire who has satisfaction. Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif says, "The lucky person is the one who is happy with his destiny." Everyone wants to change their life. Everyone wants me to have such and such a life. The problem is that we want to change lives, but we don't want to adopt the problems of the life we want to adopt. Man considers his suffering to be the greatest suffering in the world, but the fact is that in addition to his suffering, there are many other sufferings. We can't even imagine what the world is up to.

3. Taste the resources that Allah Almighty has given. There is no greater millionaire. This world is full of people who have many things, but they do not enjoy them. The man who is satisfied with his life is rich.

4. Feel the taste of the resources given by Allah Almighty. There are many people who do not feel the taste when they have the resources and when they do not have the resources, then they desire them, that is, they do not offer the prayers of opportunity. He who does not enjoy his present resources is not a millionaire. The millionaire is the one who enjoys dry bread.

5. He whose hands, feet and other parts of his body are safe, he feels them and uses them, then he is a millionaire, because this is the reward of Allah Almighty. When he sees a deprived person, he finds out that these organs, which are worth billions of rupees, if there is even the slightest inconvenience in them, then life becomes indigestible. The young man is using the hands and feet of billions, he is a millionaire.

The person is a millionaire who is alive today. Don't know tomorrow She will be seen when she comes. Stay tuned for today. The present moment can be enjoyed by the person who acknowledges the present situation. "Everything that is happening at the moment is fine and I admit it," he said. It makes him happy to admit it. Try to be present in the present moment. There will be peace. We are living in the past or in the future without opening the moment of peace. Allah Almighty says, "He who is my friend has no fear of the past and no sorrow of the future." Freedom from fear and sorrow is a sign of friendship with Allah Almighty.

True question:
Nature begins to answer the person whose question is true that I need to know myself. Our tragedy is that this question of ours is not true. As a person's journey of self-knowledge progresses, the answer begins to be found.
Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. And where is the file that says, O Allah, "I want to search for myself." In these files this file is kept separate. Hazrat Imam Malik says, “Man has two births. A birth is when he is born. The second birth is the day he finds out why I was born. "
If coming into our world doesn't make a difference, then leaving won't make a difference, but whether it makes a difference or not, it must make a difference.
Make self-awareness a tahajjud from today. Make self-knowledge a prostration. Pray for self-knowledge. Make self-awareness a tear. Pray to Allah Almighty that, O my lord, where you have fulfilled so many desires, may the inner millionaire of me also reveal to me. Amen.