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What is Mercy


Language, which is the mouthpiece of any civilization and culture, not only serves as a medium of communication but also contains the culture and history of that nation. Among the languages, the adult language is considered to be the one whose age is at least. One thousand years. In this sense, Umm al-Lisan, the mother of languages, is called "Arabic", because it is still at the highest level of eloquence and eloquence, and its extent can be estimated from the fact that only There are one and a half hundred words to describe the types of camels, while other languages are not like it.

If any of us have done MA in English, we don't understand the English of this Kochusar who is only four hundred years old. Similarly, MA Urdu student sits with his head bowed in front of the poetry of Wali Deccani even though he has only MA Two years have passed. The reason is that these languages have not yet reached the standard of puberty. That is why the Arabs call everyone except themselves Ajami (dumb) and dumb is the one who cannot communicate well. Since Urdu is an immature language and whenever we translate an adult language (Arabic) it is an immature language. (Urdu) then its rights cannot be paid as it should be. That is why we, as non-Arabs, cannot understand the Qur'an as an Arabic understands it.

The Holy Qur'an begins with Bismillah-ur-Rahman-ur-Rahim. It uses the adjectives Rehman and Rahim for Allah. In Arabic, the womb is also called the part of the mother's womb in which the baby grows. The "womb of the womb" has certain conditions for the baby. One is that it has There is no awareness of begging yet its requirements are met. Second condition, it gets unsolicited food. Third condition is what the child needs in this condition, how long, how and How should it be, all these favorable conditions are fully present here. The fourth condition is that the child is completely safe here, there is no danger to anything. The fifth condition is that the child raised in the womb has the right to He who has a child does not have it, nor does he have one who is in the womb, but only with Allah. In simple words we can say that here the Lordship of the Lord is fully manifested.

While the children raised in the "womb of the mother" grow up in such an orderly system, there are also some children who die before they are born into the world. There is a way of doing this, such that when the research on the dying children is done later, it turns out that there was a hole in the heart of this child. Some have others and some have severe disabilities. I had a child with a loved one. He is a prosperous and successful family. According to him, the happiness earned all his life is on one side and this disability of the child is on the other side. This is a disease in which the child is concerned about the absolutely know that after 14 years in this man's parents are counting bcta.as not live, they die and live day by day.

Allah puts some such examples in this world so that we may think what is our perfection in what we are. At the same time, keep in mind that if a person is under any trial, He is a sinner. No, it is not. This is a Hindu thought that we have got. For Hindus, a disabled person is considered a Shudra. According to him, he had committed a sin in a previous life which was punished in that case. There is no concept of this in Islam. It may be that Allah has created a human being to make those who are right people realize that remember! It is not difficult for Allah to make anyone crippled or healthy.

The idea that my master was feeding me in my mother's womb, protecting me and arranging for me heat, cold and all the necessary conditions, is called renewal in the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. The wonderful system of "Mother's Mercy" creates a new mood in man. It is a hopeful mood. I hope that if the Lord has brought me here, then I will have to have a plan for the future. If he does, then the praise of the Lord does not come true on him.

What are the causes?

Reasons means that a person has the ability to do something and that ability has become his livelihood. Is it difficult for him to create other means for the Lord who provides you with a capacity within you? Hazrat Hassan Basri once said to an old woman: Pray, someday her door will open. The old woman replied: Has the cadre that I knock to feed ever closed? He is the Lord because his door is always open.

Where is your hope
"Mercy" gives man first and foremost hope. See where your hope is. There is a devil who snatches away the hope of hope. He does nothing but plays with your hope. Things are of no use to him. Satan deprives you of the "belief in being Lord." Whenever you lose this belief, your state of mind will be "hopeless" and your future will be in despair. Belief in life will disappear.

Wasif Ali Wasif says that "despite the worst of the situation, do not give up hope of the future is better." It is not known how much darkness is followed by light. There is no night in the world after which magic No matter how dark and gloomy the night may be, after that the light will surely spread. In the Qur'an also Allah says: "With every difficulty there is ease." Surah Al-Ansharah / Verse No. 5

Problems to be resolved:
Just as there is an age for everything in the world, there is also an age for such problems. Every problem and problem has to die in its own age. No matter how many great fathers there are, they do the same thing. They listen to the problem and then make the person taller than the problem, give him a hope and the person who has hope is cured by himself. Remember that in the world it became a problem. There is no one who can blow a person away. There is a saying of a thinker that "Do not tell your Lord how big the problem is, but tell your problem how big my God is."

The most powerful thing in life is "hope" because despair creates something else in man which is called fear and remember that if man's fear is not based on examination, but on research, then that fear It is a disease and you should know that 98% of fears are lies. Whenever a person starts doing something new, his heart is nervous. For example, a person who has not been to a five star hotel is standing outside the PC. His legs will tremble. Such a man is also frightened by fears. Dale Carnegie has done regular research on the fact that the world. 98% of the fears are those that have no reality. The other 2% are fears that are very minor, but there are hundreds of thousands of people in this world who die from accidents that have not yet happened.

Insurance policy has been selling more in our country for the last few years, because in a society where there are more insecurities and fears, insurance sells more. Frustration not only creates conditions but there are some people who are good people. They inflame the slightest despair. They make people despair so much that despair strikes back. Such people have perfect mastery in the art of despair while on the contrary some people will find that They will say: "Brother, sit back, give up your worries, God willing, the one above will do good." Cinnamon is the equivalent of salt in flour. When a distressed person goes to an elderly person or a qualified psychologist, he says to him: “Whatever problem you have, you have to leave it here in my room. "And that anxious person goes away normally. In fact, there is no problem, only the fear that has disappointed the person.

It is said about some people that sitting next to them makes a person light. The reason for this is that the person who comes is obedient. Wasif Sahib had said about this: The believer is in saving. ”Because he is already a believer, it is very easy for him to believe. It never happens that a person is conscious and undergoing an operation, but if he is anesthetized before the operation, then it is easier for the doctor to go and do his job. Similarly, any adult or teacher is unconscious. I am the one who operates the mind. Whenever a new thing has to be created inside a person, if it is already affected, then it will be easy for him to believe, otherwise even the best thing in the world will happen if it happens in front of someone and he says it. If he does not have devotion, it will not have any effect on him. That is why a person in a gathering says wow wow on the same thing. While the other person does not care so much. The effect of the thing is when the human frequency is set with the speaker.

"Mercy" actually remembers the mercy of the mother, that the Lord was pleased there, then in every challenge of this life will be satisfied and will spend me everywhere. Providing sustenance before, then will continue to give. My work It's just a precaution, it's his responsibility to protect, I just have to trust him. There are a lot of things in this life to forget and ignore the difficulties, because the person who has to go far learns to leave, only Not only things but also grievances and despair.
The lesson from “Al-Rahman Ar-Rahim” is completed by going to “Latqantwa min Rahmatullah” (Do not despair of Allah’s mercy). All that is needed is to put this lesson into practice.