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Question What is life?

Ali Raza liaqat

What is life?

"Wisdom comes from your ability to stand still." Just watch and listen. Your words and actions are subject to your stay!(Eckhart gang)

The importance of life:

We don't value life as much as we should. The most precious thing is life. People seem to fight for ten hours for ten rupees. They don't know that they can't come back in five hours. Go to the courts, sixty percent of the cases will be found that could have been settled by sitting, but they became the eyes of the police, lawyers and the court. There are many prisoners in jails whose cases were not really cases. That should not have been the case. That shouldn't have been a crime. That mistake should not have happened. But they did not value life, so they faced imprisonment. If you don't value life, then whatever it is and it doesn't have value, the sense of its existence, its presence, disappears.
Feel life several times a day. One book is Power of Now. In Urdu you can say that the power of the present moment, the moment you are going through at the moment. The whole philosophy of this book is to somehow feel the present moment. The book's author, Eckhart Tole, was asked how he felt. He replies: First, accept what is happening. Second, eliminate the urge to change it for a while. Third, learn to accept what is happening.

This is easy to say, but very difficult to do in practice. Feelings are what you feel in the present moment.
The brain has no brain of its own. Whichever way you put it, it sticks. When you give it a fictitious pleasure, it immediately turns fictitious happiness into real happiness. The result is that when you are positive, all the positive things start coming to you. When you are negative, all the negative things start to pull towards you.
Life is given once, so pay for it. Feel this life and make it glorious. The glorious moment of someone who says I will do it from tomorrow never comes. His life is never glorious. Get started right now. Hazrat Sheikh Saadi says, "How many people in the world do not have a tomorrow." He who does not have today does not have a tomorrow. While living in this moment, make sure that these emotions, these things, these moments do not come again.

Life lesson
Every man, every man and woman is under the misconception that I don't have to die, others have to die. This accident, this incident, this tragedy that has happened to someone else, will not happen to me. It is a delusion that is found in almost every human being. There must be a day when we have to go, a day when we will be four or five feet below the ground, a day when we will not exist in the world, a day when there will be no mention in our world. There are so many artists, so many Tarim Khans that no one knows today, but they were big names of their time. We don't even know our elders, we don't even know our history. We know what happened yesterday, but the names of those who were buried in cemeteries a hundred years ago are not even known today. Man is so small that there is one earth in the whole universe, one country in this earth, one province in one country, one city in one province and one man in one city. This is its value that it needs six feet of land to be buried. Then the dust, the dust ... Weeks, months, years, centuries pass. There comes a time when it is said that they used to be. Then there comes a time when no one knows. How helpless.

There is a distance of trillions of years that when man was not born, then there is an unknown distance of trillions of years. Then he is born. Then he will die. Then, there is an unknown number of thousands of years away when it will be lifted. In between is a short life. In this short life there is a childhood in which we have games, in which there is a paper boat, in which there is a doll wedding, in which we are angry over small things, in which we are happy over small things. Are We also have a lot of candy. Finally, we start reading. Then we grow up and at the same time consciousness comes into our lives. As soon as consciousness comes, conscious life also begins. There is no life before consciousness, it is ignorance, because there is no consciousness.

The first sign of the coming of consciousness is that as soon as consciousness comes, man asks why I have come into the world. This question has nothing to do with age, nor with gray hair, nor with school or college. This question may arise at any time. This question does not arise in any of the creatures of the world. Man is the only creature in whose heart this question arises. One scholar says that just think that the creation of man was first done in the mind of the "Creator" who created man, then he was created. Whoever knows that I am precious, much better than other creatures, I am the leader of other creatures, he deserves to be called the noblest of creatures. Consciousness tells us that we are not ordinary creatures. We are great human beings. We have come for great work. There is more to life than just being born and dying. When Hazrat Allama Iqbal understood this, he said, "Animals and plants are bound by destiny ... The believer is bound only by divine commands!" Destiny is for plants. Man is the destiny writer. In this system of the universe, Allah Almighty does not see that we are poor, whose sons we are, blacks, whites, what is caste, what is community. He sees only one thing, that which is knocking, that which is trying, that which is working, that which is shedding tears, that which is shedding blood and sweat, for which he moves. The rules are for human beings. When one remembers Allah from the heart, then he shines. Then, in hard work, it becomes a diamond.

Life goes on without feeling
Heaven begins with the world. Someone asked Hazrat Baba Farid Ganj Shukr that heavenly gates do not exist in the world. He replied, "Whoever does not have the intention, intention and habits of heaven in this world, how will he go to heaven in the future." Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “Was the blessing which I bestowed on you in this world yours? That was not your right. If that weren't your right, then the world would be a paradise for you. You made heaven your hell. You didn't value, you didn't realize, you didn't feel life, you wasted life, you made life useless.

You go to a good bakery and get a good cake of five hundred rupees from there and go to your close friend's house and present it as a gift. This five hundred rupees will not be five hundred rupees for you. It will turn into a gift. It will also include the spark of sincerity and love. That friend will treat you with great love. He will ask you why you did this. But, what if the next moment he picks up your cake and throws it on the ground? Think for a moment about what will happen to your heart. It is not a matter of five hundred rupees, it is a matter of your sincerity, desire and gift. In the same way, the Lord of the universe has given us life as a gift. Think about how we deal with life. You go to a hospital for a moment. People's corpses are going there. You ask them what happened? They will reply that the time has come. When the time is up, man is dead. Then there is the distance of centuries. The name will vanish, everything will vanish, existence itself will vanish.

This life is the greatest treasure you have in the universe. You feel it If your five rupees fall into a drain or gutter, you will take it out and value it. If the day of life is lost, it is not valued at all. This life, every single moment of it is the trust of Allah. Allah Almighty has given us more than our times. Think for a moment and feel the life that God has given us. Consider how we are dealing with our lives. It is our great tragedy that we do not feel our life, even though it is passing.


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