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Suggest me ways to let go of past hurts

learn how to forget the past guilty feeling
Are you sorry after not forgetting the past?

There are so many places where we were human being lost in our lives. You don't get happiness and comfort every day in life. We all have a hard time for their lives. It's just normal. But most of the people who didn't understand it, they always live in the past, thinking about the lost past.

But what's the point of thinking about the past like that? It doesn't matter to you. It's not that it should be. Learning a lesson from the past and make your future successful. These little advice will be very important to you to forget the past and make your future successful in the past.

1. Stop living in the past and come to the present. Come and plan on the future. Don't let the mistakes and mistakes that happened in the past again.
When you look back in the past, there is no need to look at it anymore.

2. Everything we do today will join our past one day. Work today in the way you don't have to worry about the past.
Some bitter memories made in the past in 4., could be the reason to destroy your future as well. So remove such things from your heart.

3. If you want to change a new page of life, then repeat the old page and read it and again remember its sad places and stop suffering.
Try to be a new person than living in the past 6. and live as old as you live in the past. Get back your hidden strength.
Always remember the way 7. is short, the way to go is far away. If you hang in the past, the future will be as much as the past.

4. Every event is an experience in life. Add the experience. Use that experience when you face the future. Don't give your valuable life to the past without that.
So the past is just a dream. Now wake up from that dream. Be a new one with a new day. Think new. Work hard to go to your goal. Don't let the past stop you.... you go on your journey... if you try, no one can stop your journey...