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Here's a Business Idea
So a year back I was working on a startup and the idea is pretty much trending these days in Pakistan
the idea is, you can start a
"Virtual Service Station"
the Idea is pretty much promising, The same Idea has been implemented by "Car Butlers" in Lahore.
and according to my calculations, you need no more than 200K to give it life.
Here's another business idea
So I've been working on this idea for a while, the idea is
"" an online platform to sell and deliver construction material ""

The idea is pretty much promising as you see people who build their homes go through a lot from searching a reliable vendor for getting the products delivered.
If anyone wants to work on this idea, according to evaluations nearly 1.5 lac rupees will be sufficient. so here's another idea
I can't register it exactly as "Business Idea" because there's not much working involved.
so the idea revolves around mining Crypto Currency, The idea is you can install
""" Mining Rigs """
How this works is you install rigs at your home or office and connect them to the mining pools and leave them to mine cryptocurrency
I can not explain what mining exactly is, in this little post, But in layman's terms mining means solving hashes to evaluate the blocks of cryptocurrency.
You might not understand that here, so if you want you can google " Crypto Currency Mining " and you will probably get all that you need to know.

So now comes the estimated value of the investment , so setting the rates of GPUs to the price nowadays, You would probably manage to build a mining rig in approximately 4 lacs
and the estimated profit from each rig should be nearly 65 to 80 thousand per month.
Here's another business idea
This idea may sound familiar to 90% of you people, but focus on the business model that I am presenting
so the idea is
""""" an online clothing store """""
So what's different in my idea is that you create an online clothing store but not by purchasing items but
by getting affiliation with some vendors, secondly You do not hire people to sell for you or to market your products, You get other people to do this stuff for you by getting them affiliated with your brand
so, in a nutshell, you get affiliated with some vendor, start a store and then get people to work for you as affiliates.
as far as the investment is concerned, according to my evaluations, you need approximately 65 thousand to get this business up and ready.

here's another business idea

so I've worked on this idea a while back, I think that this idea might have great potential if executed strategically. so the idea is
""" online platform to provide Electrical and sanitary repair services at client's doorsteps """
according to my calculations, 2 lac will be sufficient to execute this idea
10 thousand rupees ki investment se apni khud ki marketing company start karein jo k neechay di gaye services provide kare

SMS Marketing
Whatsapp Marketing
Email Marketing
FB Marketing

Agar aap internet par poora din surfing kartay rehtay hain , to apni marketing company khol lain takay aap ko kuch business mil jae
Here's another business idea
So I was working on a startup that implied the same idea but unfortunately, the startup dissolved
But I found the idea promising, So the idea is to start an
""" Online Grocery Store """
Recently It came to attention that a Chinese Investor is also working on this idea in Islamabad. So it means if you target that city there will be a competitor.
so according to my evaluations, you need at least 1.5 lacs to get this idea started