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Question Treatment of recurrent urinary tract infection In Pakistan


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asking behalf of someone

hello respectable Doctors

patient age is 38 years old and her has recurrent urinary tract infection

please any advice


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SA Khan;

1. How many infections has the lady had in last 12 months (as confirmed by a urine culture)?

2. What are the symptoms?

3. Married? The number of children?

4. Other health issues?


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4. What medications has she used for treatment?
5. Any problems in passing urine?
6. How is the urine flow? (پیشاب کی دھار)


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Dear Worried person
The UTI will remain untreated with aelopathic medicines and other problems will develop .If you are in Islamabad then I welcome u to my clinic for homeopathic treatment . I have 28 years of clinical practice. Pl contact at doctorpirzada at yahoo