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Tips to improve our interpersonal skills

Is qualification is success??

Everyone has innate strengths. These innate qualities fall into the category of talent. All the things that can be learned and used are called abilities. These abilities are not innate. Fortunately, it is easier to be successful if the innate qualities are polished. Similarly, when a person does not know his abilities, he begins to think less of himself. Understandably, his willpower begins to wane and he fails.

Allah Almighty has endowed man with so many abilities that he can do many things at one time. There are three ways to create abilities. The first way is to be able to create talent. Many people have the desire to create talent, but it is not that intense. Ability can only be created when the desire is strong. The second way is how to learn? Learning can be done through study, help can be obtained from internet, services can be taken from mentor, coaching center can be used. The third method of capacity building is practice. Practice creates talent after building it. A young person should have a passion for learning more than earning. Youth is the age of learning and capacity building. The work learned in youth gives great results going forward.

When a student steps into practical life after graduation, he or she faces many difficulties. There is a mismatch between what is taught in our educational institutions and the realities we face in practical life. This is because the teachers in the educational institutions do not have practical experience in the relevant subjects. Students have G. P. There are other degrees but they do not have the wisdom that can benefit them in practical life and improve their lives. We offer short-term internships at various institutions to give students practical life wisdom and capacity building. These are usually the last years of a student's academic career. Students are not getting the benefits they deserve from an internship. This is also due to the fact that educational institutions do not teach students the true importance of internships. When a child does not know the benefits of an internship, they do not value it. He gets a certificate but can't learn what he is learning. There are very few children who get the right benefits from an internship. Institutions that offer internships often do not accept responsibility. There are very few institutions that understand the benefits of youthfulness so they teach students in the right way and as a result they get good and capable manpower.

Along with the job, the skills should be honed. It takes time to develop the skills. The best way to save time is to learn from a
who has succeeded despite the difficulties. There should be
two conditions
in this mentor. One is that he is sincere and the other is that he is capable. If he himself is hopeless and depressed, he will also disappoint the children. The pace of both success and failure is very fast in modern times. It used to be said that a person needs fifteen to twenty years to succeed, but today the same success is possible in five years. Technology has made it possible to do many things at one time. If someone is capable and talented, then he does not need any TV channel. Create your own channel on social media and upload your own videos. Success will follow automatically. There is no level of work, there is a level of quality. If there is a standard, then nature definitely gives a chance to move forward.

Some people want to stay in one place and spend their whole life in one place. Just as there is a level of quality, so the scope belongs to man, not to any field. The scope is qualitative. If a person is an engineer but not capable, then there is no scope for it. If a person is eligible, every country in the world will be ready to issue him a visa. Our child understands that there is a future in engineering so I get an education in engineering, although this is not the case. The future lies in qualifications. Build the capacity within yourself. The doors of the whole world will begin to open on you.

It is very gratifying that a guest speaker culture is emerging in educational institutions to give the student the wisdom of life. With this culture, students meet people who have achieved success in their practical life and have more wisdom about their life. This allows students to know about them and how these people work in practical life. They do and achieve success. Today, the children who are graduating from educational institutions are many times more capable than the children of twenty years ago. They just lack guidance, they lack people who tell them, they lack people who influence them. When there is no one to impress, then there is despair in the society. "Inspiring" people are those who "pay back" after being successful. "Payback" means to be successful. Then take the time to give your services to your hometown, your educational institution or others. People who do not pay back after being successful are not great human beings, but the "action" of a human being proves how great a human being he is. All the people who are doing their service somewhere after being successful are great people.
When such examples are formed, awareness is created in the society and the society develops.