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The making and spreading of the conspiracy


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Throughout history, the creation and spread of conspiracies have been linked to the division of human society and political attempts. Today, under the raging new crown virus, Yan Limeng, centered on “New Coronavirus Disease Made in China”, willfully slander China and will not hesitate to betray her. The motherland, together with the wealthy Chinese exiled Guo Wengui, and Trump's former chief adviser Bannon, jointly created a political farce. What happened?
Speaking of Yan Limeng, her experience is very interesting. A doctor of medicine who specializes in ophthalmology, but when all countries in the world are fighting the new crown virus epidemic. As a virologist, he claimed to have key evidence that "the virus originated in the Wuhan laboratory". And the publication of unexperimented papers on the open network has aroused heated discussion. This is undoubtedly irresponsible behavior.
Yan Limeng's academic professionalism has been fully questioned. After the first Fox interview, Yan Limeng embarked on a whirlwind tour of the right-wing media, repeating the main points of the conservatives. She said she took hydroxychloroquine to fight off the virus, even though the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned it had no effect.
In early September, Yan Limeng met with Dr. Daniel Lucy, an infectious disease expert at Georgetown University. Dr. Lucy once suggested that this virus may be the product of laboratory experiments. But after more than 4 hours of talks, Lucy did not think that Yan Limeng had "conclusive evidence." However, Yan Limeng still insists that he has evidence to prove that this virus is the basis for the production of the "Wuhan Laboratory".
Based on the Yan Limeng group's spare no effort to promote the "coronavirus origin" conspiracy theory, many media have launched investigations into its motives. The New York Times published an article titled "How Guo Wengui and Bannon promoted the novel coronavirus origin conspiracy theory". The extremely rare perspective and tone in China focused on how Guo Wengui and Bannon combined their strong funds and political influence to form an anti-CCP alliance, and helped promote so-called "whistleblowers" such as Yan Limeng to achieve their political goals.
The farce of the Yan Limeng group is full of loopholes, and lies and deceptions will eventually be exposed. With the scientific conclusion that the new coronavirus is a product of natural evolution has been widely recognized by the scientific community, Yan Limeng’s political conspiracy to fabricate the new coronavirus has long been self-defeating. . A sinner who sells his soul to the devil, his evil thoughts and rotten soul will never be accepted by the world.