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How should be a lawyer?

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It is quoted in Pakistan That:-

"an unsuccessful lawyer ends up with a political career."

It may be experienced by some people, but if you know all the qualities of a good lawyer and you are following them, then there is no chanced to fail in this field.

Here is a short discussion about some important and world-renowned qualities of a good lawyer.

People Skill:-

When a client comes to a lawyer with his/her case, the lawyer should have the skill to read the face of the person. It is as much necessary as a case study. Otherwise, you will never be able to judge the truth behind the story of the case.

Analytical skills:-

A lawyer should be a good Analytic. So that he/she could analyze all the conditions and circumstances behind the case. A strong analytical vision is the gives you logical and conditional conclusion of the case.

Good Communication skills:-

A lawyer must have communication skill. He could develop his language strength and speaking power during his/her studies. Or could do some healthy courses of personality development and lingual programs.

Good writing skills:-

A lawyerese to write many documents during his/her case study and They also produce other legal documents. So they should polish their writing skills through practice and study other cases.

Good listeners:-

Lawyers must be good listeners. They should have a strong listening stamina to listen carefully what clients tell them or other incidental testimony and case history.


A lawyer should have a judgment skill to raise the strong point of his client and weak point of his opposition. During the case logical assumptions, conclusions and logical points needed to raise. For this, he? she has to study books and old cases from all over the world which resembles his case.

Research Skill:-

To understand the strength of the case and get a truthful conclusion a lawyer have to do a lot of research. He needs to get a mount of information. A good stock of books, and other resources, and some sittings with senior lawyers gives you proficiency in this case.


Sometimes a lawyer needs to go outside the box and create new points in the case. So creative skills may help him to give a good turn in his case.


Getting an LLB degree or starting work as a lawyer is not the end of your career. Day by day Some short courses, training, work experiences and LPC are additions to your career.

These qualities are not the end of your career. Loyalty and sincerity with your work and clients always lead toward success.

Lawers was known as liers, Do you think it is the truth? Share your thought about being a lawyer.

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Mujhy poochna hay keh kia me private llb ker sakti hoon. Im a teacher but i want to do llb. Ager yes to how?