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The first two players to be inducted into the Premier League Hall of Fame.

Henry is by far the greatest EPL import ever and undisputed the greatest EPL player of All-Time. At his peak in the most difficult period of football when defenders were actually allowed to make tackles but this man as a striker was a joy to watch - he will take the ball from his half run to the other half and dribble opposition players with speed, technique & power. We were very lucky to have witnessed him until Social Media destroyed once the greatest sport on Earth.

Rafiq shah

New Member
Drogba legend should be included because he made a great impact in EPL,FA and champions league winner..fair treatment to him and remove racism on black life.
They both deserve it. Great players who achieved so much, with silky style of play and a view to a kill/ goal. Would've inducted record winner Ryan Giggs alongside. Anyway, it's a continuous thing.
Good call but how can you leave out the most successful player in the history of EPL with a whooping 13 titles, more than even so-called big clubs have managed in their entire history. Ryan Giggs should be part of the first batch of inductees.