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The Enchanted Rose

AOA Members!
I have written a poem and through this platform, I can share it with the scholars, literature & poetry lovers. So, I would love to have your positive criticism and suggestion because it is my first attempt and may or may not be good. Here we go!


Imperious and arrogance was he in nature,

As the prince felt himself, the greatest creature.

Declined to help the grizzled old woman,

Arrived for help in a stormy night.

Begged for shelter, in the pulchritudinous castle,

And Offered an enchanted Rose for reparation of the hassle.

A bewitching enchantress she was, when unveiled,

Cursed the prince for his obnoxious demeanor.

Falling on knees, then he begs for forgiveness,

As if she hadn't seen his heart, devoid of kindness.

Transformed into a hideous Beast, when;

The gorgeous castle enveloped into dark advancing death, then.

A decade he was granted, to win the kind of love,

Who can see through his soul, from the monstrous guise above.

When the last petal of the enchantress's rose withers and falls,

He will forever be in his horrible walls.

For years, in the magnificent castle, he sulked,

His heart leisurely, in deep down despair, drowned.

Stumbles on his gloomy land, inventor Maurice,

Escaping from rapacious wolves, cold and tired.

Enchanted household items, once were they loyal servants,

The inventer was Welcomed and was served by the Peasants.

Upon finding a blooming rose, gets for plucking,

Caught by the ferocious Beast, got imprisoned for stealing.

Seeking her father, Bella winds up at the castle,

Kind, compassionate and she was gracile.

In love of her father, sacrifices her freedom,

And ends up in beast's fiefdom.

Falls for her charms, the enchanted staff, in an instant,

Together they dress, converse and sing "be my guest".

True to her words, she stayed

But refused for dinner, not to see him again she prayed.

Time falls, blue enchanting eyes watch;

As a petal from bewitched roses, like a stopwatch.

Sneaked out Bella, enters forbidden west wing,

Sees, a prince's portrait and a mysterious rose glass-jar thing.

Ferocious Beast upon finding her,

Roared in rage and fear made her shiver.

Bella flees the castle in fright,

Breaking the promise, leaving his jaws tight.

The dark forest haunted her,

Famished wolves encircled her, her scent was a spur.

Fighting the vicious creatures, the Beast appeared,

Saved her but severe he was injured.

The act melted the walls around her heart,

Tending his wounds, caring and warming up to him, starts,

And leads, to an evening, magical and musical.

And the hope begins to find the love that was vital.

Beast shows her the magic mirror.

Seeing Maurice all lost and sick in the forest, shivers in terror.

For he loved her, so released her, in extreme kindness,

But the curse still remained after his mighty act of selflessness.

Out of the castle, a mob was fast in,

To charge on palace with command of Gaston,

An obsessed man, whom she had rejected,

Equipped to assault her kind Beast.

She strived to persuade the indecent mob,

Locked in the cellar, she twiddled with the knob.

Soon the help arrived, lead her to the castle height,

Beast and Gaston were in the fight.

Upon seeing Belle, Beast rejoiced,

And threatens to kill Gaston, who was now hoisted.

Gaston then begs for mercy on his life,

He was forgiven and asked to leave alive.

In all his glory, Beast marches towards Belle,

Who watched halting of his steps and a sudden yell.

Gaston stabs him and stumbles into the depth,

Beast falls on the ground and meets his death.

Whispers Belle, in her tears,

How much she loves him and losing him is her fear,

Just before the last petal drops from the enchanted rose,

In that time, the final cursed wind blows.

The curse was broken, the spell erased.

Seeing beast as a charming prince, Belle was amazed.

The darkness eradicated from the royal castle

And the whole state lived happily ever after.