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Teachers, professors, and educators Forum

Teachers, professors, and educators Forum, what are the potentials of online educator communities?

Teachers Forum allow educational professionals to be connected “anywhere, anytime”. It offers great potentials to the educators, in helping them to create, maintain and engage in networks of mutual support. Like other professions, teaching profession also emphasizes the importance of having a network of educational professionals to draw upon the challenges in the profession, teacher specific issues, to share information or experiences.

Supporting the Teachers

The strength of teachers most often comes from their connections and associations with other educational professionals. It is both essential and vital that you lean on your fellow educators and learn from your experience.

Teachers, professors, and educators Forum is a great source of support and guidance for teachers in the early years of their profession because, at the initial stage of any profession, you need to look up to those having more experience and knowledge. Yet many educationalists find themselves deprived of such networks due to adequate access to support or lack of finding time and space to engage in. In this scenario, educational professionals find online teachers forum more useful to communicate and interact with peers because it doesn’t require physical presence or a specific time.

Teachers can share information and experiences, ask or discuss queries, issues, problems at the time of their convenience. So, it has the great potential to make a significant difference, particularly for those educators currently missing out on support.

As an educationalist, what you can do to support other teachers online?

The following are the roles teachers can play to support other teachers:

  1. Advocates the practical--- Teachers Forum is aimed to involve teachers to help one another with day-to-day pedagogical and pragmatic aspects of the profession. For instance, finding sources for lesson preparations or navigating with the bureaucracy.
  2. Conveners of relations--- Teachers Forum is a great source to make introductions to useful contacts and teachers can instigate relationships with other teachers.
  3. Agents of socialization--- Just like any other profession, teaching professional has its professional and cultural norms and values. Experienced teachers induce other teachers into these values & norms while socializing on the online platform.
  4. Modelers of practice--- It is not realized but early career teachers do not need to reinvent the wheel when there are more than enough models of teaching practices. If you are an experienced educator, you can share teaching methodologies and strategies that you consider most effective for students at a particular age and guide other teachers in the teaching-learning process. Teachers give a rich description of what they are doing in the classroom, on Teachers forum, providing a model of teaching practice.
  5. Supporters of reflection--- The most important kind of knowledge for beginners’ teachers is "collaborative reflection" that is to make sense of challenging situations and learn from their experiences. Through collaboration with others, teachers can reflect on their instruction and teaching strategies.
  6. Providers of feedback--- educational professionals can provide a constructive source of feedback to peers, such as pedagogical and curriculum advice.