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Talk Shows and Media

Talk shows are a platform where political issues, events & matters are brought under discussion. Talk shows are generally believed to involve public matters and matters that are connected to the government and its authorities. The talk shows are unplanned & discussion-based programs where discussions take place in an interactive manner and largely ensure two-way communication.

Talk shows are believed to enable the citizens to listen to varied perspectives of the participants, comprehend various aspects of social issues, and demand their rights from governments. Talk shows have the potential to affect political and social understandings and opinions of the viewers.

People who mostly watch news talk shows often have more political awareness and knowledge about different organs of government and structure of the political system of Pakistan and therefore, they develop a strong vision about their political rights. This helps and urges them to take part in the ongoing political process of the country. It is an obvious fact that educated citizens can bring the rapid change in the political system and culture of Pakistan because they have more awareness and knowledge, ideas and better suggestions to control the social issues and present political situation.

These news talk shows on the TV influence our decision process, shaping our perceptions for the society and for the world. Besides the advantage we have is that we are better informed and in touch with the latest news, events, new laws, government performance and the condition of the masses of Pakistan.

The news talk shows have the strength to make it difficult for governments and higher authorities to cover up misgovernance and abuse of power. The role of media is promoting social and political awareness among the general public about weaknesses of governance, socio-political-economic problems, and giving them a critique of policies being pursued.

TV talk shows have become very important and become a common source of reference for the general public. Backed by visuals, these news shows provides real-time information and news especially on politics and current affairs thus, they are playing an important and obvious role in making public perception.

This online platform is for people to share videos and media related to political events, social and economic matters, international and national news and policies of the government. It enables the citizens to be aware and up-to-date of important and major news and happenings because online political discussions are not time and space bound. People can share informative content, and videos clips from news talk shows so that the general public can find- read and watch- the important news.

Also, by registering yourself on Pakistan Forum, you are up-to-date with on the current social, political and economic conditions as well as you get to know the varying and diverse opinions and views of the people. By hearing out what others have to say, you get different perspectives and are able to analyze any situation or event in a critical way.