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Suggest me a new mobile in 2017


New Member
Hi all,

I love to own latest mobiles, Right now i have samsung galaxy s6 edge+ I bought it as a new mobile in 2015 when it was the newest phone in the market. But now i think its a bit old. I have seen some new phones popping out daily in the market and television advertisements. However, i have always been careful in choosing the phone i think its better to do some market research before taking a decision that needs a lot of money,

So, i just want to know which mobile phone you own and how it is going?? and which new phone is best in 2017?


New Member
Hi @Marium,

I do not have much interest in new phones. never mind, but i do not know why people go for new phones when they already have a gadget that is working perfectly and have all the functionalities that new phones can perform.

All i notice is change in shape and rest all the things are same. I am happy with my phone samsung s6 edge :p

but i have heard a lot of people talking about Huawei phones and how good they are i think you should check one of those now.