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Business in Pakistan is raising in all levels and communities of Pakistan. So far business in Pakistan is also getting attention globally.
But our local and less educated community is doesn't have much knowledge about its some steps of success. Its a need of our community to give them an awareness of business weak and strong points.
If you are a student of business or a small business owner in Pakistan and dreaming to do spread your business all over Pakistan and abroad. It is not so hard. Just remember these some steps to follow.
  • Be a leader online/offline.
  • Don't get afraid to tackle big projects.
  • Take some bold steps to make decisions.
  • Become an efficient manager of your project.
  • Upgrade yourself with demands of the market.
  • Know your competitors very well.
  • Get organized
  • Provide great services
  • Prepare your self for losses.
All the business icons have a history of their success and failure. A successful business can't be established in a few years. It demands a long-term hard work and some sacrifices from you. S never get dishearted. Always see two steps forward and keep doing. Business in Pakistan is a bit more challenging for newcomers. So you should dare to make bold and big steps for your business.
Where will you like to take a break into your businessPakistan or Abroad?

Abdul Ahad

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Sir, I want to take a break in business in Pakistan. Later it may exceed abroad. But I still struggling to get a big and most reliable idea to start my own business. I'm much interested in Trade.
This is really a great information from you to keep in Mind. I wish I good reach at a peak following these steps. Thanks.

Abdul Hashir

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These are very useful key steps to grow in Business for new comers. But as a small businessman, My personal experience says that, with all keys, one should do practical work on the field with an expert businessman and have a big temperament to wait for a long time.


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Beekeeping Business – Make Money By Selling Honey

Skills for Beekeeping Business

While you are dealing with the living creature it is important to have enough skills that allow you managing bees daily basis with proper care even in the crisis moment. You need to get knowledge about how to attract a swarm of bees to your hive, how they feed them, how to harvest honey and other bee products, how to avoid bee diseases etc. You can have training from the Animal Husbandry Department in India. Also, there are some Govt. farms who conduct training for entrepreneurs who want to start the beekeeping business. Practical training is important to start this business.

Business Plan for Beekeeping Business

In starting the beekeeping business commercially, creating a financial plan is very important. You need to determine several factors like costs, expected returns, working capital needed etc. Determine how many colonies you will start the business. Also, you need to develop a strategic marketing plan for the products and services you want to offer.
That is a nice addition, if you can create a new thread for this, it would be a great contribution to our business forum