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Information Strategies to improve Self-Confidence

How to overcome confidence issues?

Confidence is vital in a student’s life. Where confidence can help you make yourself more prominent and active, the lack of it may affect a student’s performance. Recent researches have found that there is a strong relationship between confidence and performance. One affects the other as in performance affects confidence such as when a student performs well he is praised and appreciated while on the other hand, confidence also affects performance in a way that if a student is confident, he or she will perform better. When you trust yourself you can reach the hieghts you dream of.

How a lack of confidence can hinder success?

College life can give a boost to your confidence and it is essential also. Low confidence and self-esteem will have negative impacts, that it can lead you towards shyness, lack of assertiveness, social anxiety, difficulties in communication and avoiding interaction with teachers, seniors or even classmates. In this way, lack of confidence is a big obstacle in your success.

Strategies to improve Self-Confidence:

1. Self-Acceptance
– One of the strategies for enhancement of self-confidence is to accept yourselves including your weakness and your strengths. You can devise a plan after accessing the opportunities you had and have and the struggles you did and your achievements. This thought process will make you feel good in your own eyes because at the end inner satisfaction is the key to your confidence.

2. Try spending time with positive-nature people- People who love you and support you are one of the sources that lead you to believe in yourself. Try spending time on a regular basis with people who encourage you and bring out the best of you. That will help you build your trust in yourself.

3. Get yourself an ideal - When you feel stressed and low on confidence, you must know that life is hard, and everyone has his/her own unique set of difficulties and problems at different stages of life. So, the better thing is that you get yourself an ideal personality to whom you look up to when you feel low on self-esteem and confidence. The struggles of your ideal will make you see that yours are ordinary in contrast and this will help you in getting your energy, passion, and confidence restored and reestablished.

4. Bring out positive changes in your character- When you know your weaknesses, you have to make amendments in your behavior or character on a regular basis. Make a strategy or a plan and implement it in your daily life. Your positive, change and better behavior will allow you to see things in different light.

These were a few of the strategies that can be helpful for school/ college and university students for the improvement of self-confidence.


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