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Stories of Sahaba

The Forum is dedicated specifically to share stories of Sahaba – quotes, life events, and experiences.

Sahaba means the companions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). They were people who embraced Islam, sacrificed their lives and their all belongings for the prosperity and to cherish Islamic teachings and remain with the Holy Prophet till their last breath. They sacrificed their lives and their all belongings for the prosperity and to cherish Islamic teachings. They were declared the greatest generation in human history because they are the highest caliber believers after the Prophet and lived together in the same lifetime as the Messenger (PBUH) of Allah.

In hard times, Sahaba firmly stood with the vision of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). They accepted and spread Islam and the teachings of Islam. They sacrificed their lives to promote their religion and merged themselves according to the real soul of Islam. And even after Holy Prophet, they continued serving Islam, kept alive the Islamic teachings and saved all the Sunnah of Prophet which later on was compiled in the form of Holy and authentic books of Sunnah after the Quran in this world.

From the stories of Sahaba Ikram of Holy Prophet (PBUH), we are able to take distinct lessons. They are all unique in their own different way having different backgrounds, outlooks, mindsets, and tastes. From the study of the life stories of Sahaba and their experiences, we are able to get a better understanding of the different areas of Islam. Their lives have different lessons for Muslims and Allah and Holy Prophet (SAWW) have declared their pleasure and satisfaction with the Sabaha.

For example, Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) was known for being the most well-rounded among Ṣaḥabah. He was the first grown man to believe in Islam. He was the closest companion of Holy Prophet, most knowledgeable and had the most Iman. Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that If Iman of Abu Bakr would be weighed, it would outweigh the rest of the ummah. He was known as “As-Sabbaaq”- the one who “As-Sabbaaq

On the other hand, Hazrat Umar b. Al-Khattab is known for his power, praiseworthy might, vigorous strength, bold intellect, and far-sighted wisdom. He was titled as “Al- Faruq” by Holy Prophet (SAWW) —the Criterion between good and evil. He was known for bringing strength to Ummah.

Hazrat Ayesha (RA) was known for her scholarly mind, intellectual thinking and her well-developed wisdom driven by her youthful curiosity towards Islam which made her a priceless resource for knowledge and rulings for Muslims. She was the daughter of Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) and wife of Holy Prophet (PBUH). She had a vast knowledge and gave teachings on the religion & what is Halal or Haram based on evidence from Qur’an and Sunnah.

These are just a few examples of the greatness we can learn from the stories of Sahaba’s life. We can learn the rules of life from those whom the Prophet (SAWW) had taught directly. They did not learn religion and clarified the issues from none other than the Holy Prophet (PBUH). No doubt they are declared the best generation:

“The best people are those living in my generation, and then those who will follow them, and then those who will follow the latter…” Sahih Bukhari