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Special article for those who are afraid of coronavirus:

Special article for those who are afraid of coronavirus:

Is movable.
. . . . . . . . . . . Abdul Malik ibn Marwan, the king of the Umayyads, when the plague broke out in Syria, he fled from his city on horseback for fear of death, and took with him his special slave and some army. Qadr was so frightened and annoyed that he did not set foot on the ground but slept on the back of a horse. One night during the journey, he could not sleep.

So he said to his slave, "Tell me a story."

So the wise slave took the opportunity to advise the king and told the story that a fox used to serve a lion to protect his life, so no beast could look at the fox because of the fear of the lion. And the fox lived with the lion with great fearlessness and contentment.
Suddenly one day an eagle jumped on the fox and the fox ran to the lion. And the lion carried him on his back. The eagle swooped down again and snatched the fox from the lion's back and flew away.
The fox ran and cried out to the lion, and the lion said: O fox! I can protect you from the beasts of the earth, but I cannot save you from those who attack from heaven. Hearing this story, King Abdul Malik learned a great lesson and realized that my army can protect me from the enemies who live on the earth, but those who call and plague attack me from the sky. Neither my kingdom can save me, nor my treasure, nor my army can protect me.
There is no one but God who can save us from heavenly calamities.
Thinking this, the fear of plague disappeared from the heart of King Abdul Malik and he was content with the pleasure of God and lived in peace and contentment in his royal palace.


The purpose of this writing is to rely on the mercy of God
Take the necessary steps to protect yourself from the corona virus, but do not spread fear ...