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Sometimes college students in Pakistan don't know the factors that may reduce their learning process. Every student should know these problems and try to overcome and resolve these problems.
1. Intellectual factor:

Some students have low intellectual learning abilities. That's why they encounter many problems. Some students learn numbers very fastly while other good in learning phrases.

. Learning factors:
The method of teaching and educational resources may effect in the learning process. So always students should know their learning abilities and use the best products and choose the best subjects to have a bright career.

. Physical factors:
Sometimes physicals problems are big hurdles in the learning process. Like weak eyesight, the lake of iron or any another health issue should be resolved to overcome these factors.

. Mental factors:
Emotional and social factors:

A happy and smiling face always gets a warm welcome from society. And choose best friends and fresh atmosphere to double your study outputs.

. Teacher’s Personality:
This is the thing you don't in Which you don’t have a choice. But in spite of this try to think positive about their personality. And find a good point in their teachings so that you don't bother to think negative and stop learning.

. Environmental factor:
You can’t study in the stressful or overcrowded environment. Try to choose the university and hostel of the fresh environment.

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Mano Malkah

New Member
A respected teacher, I'm not doubting your experience but Always teacher are not so honest with students. Once I was stuck into a big problem. I tried to reason my teacher but he never listens to me. And then I stop trusting at teachers.

Malak Abaas

New Member
I must add that, sometimes even teachers make much uncomfortable to their student because of their physical problems. why?