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Rules of Pakistan

The Rules of Pakistan are important to be known for a common citizen.Pakistan-Forums is a platform for people of Pakistan to share rules and regulations, and increase legal awareness by sharing information, responding to shreds and taking part in discussions.

Significance of learning basic laws of Pakistan

Knowing the rules of the country you live in is important because no matter where you live or who you are, you are subject to laws. Legal education is not important only for those who intend to pursue law but also it is very important for all the citizens in their daily lives. It enables citizens to reason out in an adverse situation. For instance, a person caught by police without any reason and is threatened, he will plead not to arrest him. But if he has a little knowledge of rules and laws, he would know that he cannot be arrested without any warrant (except serious issues), then he would handle the situation differently rather than pleading.

There are many more than enough types of laws. We surely cannot learn every law in the book and rules of Pakistan but familiarity with certain basic laws, rules & regulations of the state is one of the most important life skills that you can have.

The reason of stressing of legal awareness and knowing rules of Pakistan is that it allows you to protect yourself against corruption, tyranny, harassment, blackmailing, and injustice; and it also allows you to be a responsible citizen- giving you awareness to follow rules and act lawfully at all times. A Legal Literacy Mission researcher says in his study, “…it is due to lack of awareness of beneficiaries that most of the legislations are ineffective at the stage of their execution”

Awareness of Laws Brings Rapid Social Changes--
- laws in any country play an agent of modernization and social change. Awareness of laws will lead towards social changes are brought in society more rapidly such as the reinforcement of our belief in the age-old panchayat system, the abolition of the abhorrent practices of untouchability, child marriage, dowry, etc.

For instance: Business Laws--- knowing the business laws of Pakistan is significant for businessmen. Because if you are familiar with the laws, you will fair better and operate the business without hinderances. For instance, when you know the laws, you understand the power of written signed agreements and documents. Property Laws--- while buying a property, selling or construction on your property, it is better to have knowledge of property laws rather than consulting lawsuits later. Harassment

How to become familiar with the Rules of Pakistan?

Many people end up in court fighting with each other on business, property, or other matters because they sometimes make wrong choices because of lack of knowledge on the rules of Pakistan. For instance, an entrepreneur made a verbal agreement as opposed to a written one, and once one of the parties breaches the contract, it is their word versus the other, a case which is difficult for a judge to decide.

Many disputes, legal issues, and lawsuits can be easily avoided when people take the time to learn, share, discuss and understand the laws prior to making a business deal or starting a business. Basic knowledge and understanding of the rules of Pakistan have the potential & can empower people to demand accountability, justice and effective remedies at all levels.
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