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Islamic Questions and answers

Islam allows us to raise Islamic questions and doesn’t condemn him advises him to discuss any religious principle, and have discussions that may lead to a piece of new knowledge and a new discovery of a truth.

Everyone has his/her own concerns & doubts and it is better to voice out them and get them cleared when it is about Islam. Our religion advises us to examine the religion inherited. Religion is our own responsibility when we become adults and it is not necessary to rely on the opinions of parents on religion. Rather we should do research on Islamic questions and answers on our own and find the right answers & correct our knowledge through authentic resources and with evidence.

So, when you have doubts about religion, it is better to clear your religious concepts and asking Islamic question and answers will protect you and your spiritual interest from being damaged. There may be many perspectives and then the accessible facts in the doubted area, therefore he has to find them. It is a way to be satisfied with your part and protect yourself from being the one who did not reach out to scholars and authentic resources to find answers to his questions. Because the research is proof that you have tried to avoid the harm by researching and asking Islamic question and seeking answers.

We should understand that our human knowledge does not follow our own whim and will and comes from direct or indirect evidence. An acceptable Islamic belief must be based on knowledge and evidence. Allah has given evidence for everything he wants us to know. On this forum for Islamic questions and answers, you are allowed to use this platform to ask questions and respond to questions asked by members with authentic answers.

In Islam a person is condemned if he does not believe in a principle because he lacks the evidence, on the opposite side, Islam also blames and condemn a person who follows a principle while groping in the dark- following it blindly, without illuminating evidence, and that particular principle is not in accordance with the truth. Allah says in the Holy Quran:

“And follow not that of which thou hast no knowledge. Surely the hearing and sight and the heart, all of these will be asked about it.” 17:36

Also, when you are in the quest to find answers to Islamic questions, do rely upon and believe the concept only based on authentic sources. There are intellectual sincere and teachers in every faith, but a person should not allow them to make decisions for him. Because these intellectual teachers will have contradictory perspectives and maybe belong to different Islamic sects. It has been stated in the Quran: “And no bearer will bear other's burden …. ” 35:18, 53:38. It clearly means that religion is one’s own responsibility and one will be answerable to his/her own deeds and no one else.