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The high school is the hardest stage of student where he may god stuck or could jump into next stage with shiny grade sheet.
These two peaks comes because of a lots of hurdles and circumstances behind them.
Here is a clear and short cut list of the problems of high school student. So that high school students have them know and try to overcome them wisely.
Attitude and behavior.
This an age of teen period. Mostly students in this age don't like to listen to others and hate suggestion. Their behavior towards their loved one becomes intensive.
So in this stage they want to take bold decisions them self and dont like interference. But they don't know that they are still in growing stage and have low experience. The elders of them had crossed this stage and know the best options who could lead you in the best way.
Teen dreams and passion:-
Teens lives in the world of their dreams and their young blood increases their passion. They want to get every thing just in hurried. But they don't know, every success and passion comes true after a long struggle.
Future planning.
In high school student mostly plans to do many thing in on time. But they don't make their clear way to go through. So they gets tuck in road maps. The results explodes into their failure.
Family and personal factored.
Sometime due to sensitive age stage, students overflow in their personal and family factors. High school students seemingly cant judge the real problem and losses their future.
Here parents, teachers and high school students, all need to acknowledge their duties and should play a healthy role to reach in secondary level.