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Poultry FarmingTools and equipments in Pakistan.


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tools and equipment for poultry farming in Pakistan.
Poultry farming in Pakistan still in need of upgrading its equipment and tools to rapid its growth and do work more comfortably.
If you are also in this business and want to grow your business with easy to go techniques than you should have a look at these necessary tools.
  1. Fans and ventilators,
  2. Pest control systems
  3. Bulbs and lamps
  4. Safety alarms and radios
  5. sheds and canopies
  6. Poultry flooring
  7. Injectors
  8. Drinker
  9. Master Lock
  10. Fogger
  11. Stunner kitt
  12. valve gravity/pressure flow
  13. Medicator
  14. Heat mats
  15. Creep mats
  16. Feeding equipment
  17. Power wash and disinfectors
  18. Pharmaceuticals
  19. Meditators and injectors.