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Political Forums create a sense of community among the people can raise their concerns directly, engage in conversations with other members, share information and opinions. In a democratic environment and country, people are free to share their views and raise their issues and voices on the illegitimate and corrupt businesses and the economy as well.


Political Forums not only give access to a wide range of information to a vast population but also give each individual the penitential to create new information, start new threads with new topics for public discussions. In the discussions and debates in Political Forums, people interested in politics can converse with the like-minded people on a particular issue, event or government strategy. It is one way of broadcasting your opinions, views, and recommendations to an entire population of potential observers. Individuals can post and respond to threads and messages & opinions and ideas presented by their peers. At the same time, the information is available for everyone to read. You can act as conversationalist or be a contributor who answers other people's questions with your insightful thoughts and expert analysis.

Therefore, Political Forums strengthens the integration of citizens in political discussions and debates. Political forums enables more people to participate in political discussions that may have been previously localized or too high-brow. The platform can be used to increase the transparency and legitimacy of the political system through democratic/ political engagement.


Participating in political discussions, whether it is online or on a local level, is one the best ways for ordinary people i.e. the ordinary citizens of Pakistan, to make a substantial change to their community. If ordinary people take interest in the politics of Pakistan, they will be able to see different perspectives of any events & activities and have a better idea of where the government is going wrong. As a responsible citizen, you should know and understand the political & social problems of your country. Once you have that understanding, you’ll be able to critically analyze the situations and give your suggestions on how to combat them. If people of this country will participate and take an interest in country politics, the Government of Pakistan would not be able to ignore the problems of the people. Hence, your political participation means that more will be done to address social and political problems.

Divergent & opposing Perspectives--- People can not only participate in discussions but it is on way of enhancing exposure to different viewpoints. Online political forums bring together divergent perspectives and help us see a piece of news or activity from different angles.

Daily Schedules--- Political Forum is not only the best way to engage and be updated on the political activities of your country but also the convenient one. Because unlike news bulletins you do not have to stick to broadcasting schedules rather you can be updated as well as participate in political discussions from anywhere and at any time. So, online political forums allow citizens to be active in political debates within their daily schedules.

On Pakistan Forums, you can share political event and news and respond to threads & messages and engage in political discussions with people with similar interests.