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For Marrige day which dress gets more thumbs up?

  • Prince suit

    Votes: 1 16.7%
  • Three piece suit

    Votes: 2 33.3%
  • shayrwani

    Votes: 3 50.0%

  • Total voters


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Hello my dear friends. A wedding function of my brother is here in the end of November/December start week and I'm still unable to find my style wearables, As a brother of the bridegroom, My look should be special stylish. For first days functions, I'm not worried much. So I have a choice of shalwar kameez to wear.
I saw this style on goto and liked it. But for wedding day and walima reception. I need your help. Please suggest me some online best stores in Pakistan for wedding dresses and suits. That have also other accessories like cufflinks and ties. And also going to offer big Friday deals.Shoes and other accossories will be an additional help.
Thank you all of you.
stylesglamour.com Have a good and huge variety of wedding dresses. I think sherwani and traditional dresses look better on weddings rather than suits and three pieces. In sherwani and prince suit red and orange colors are getting a big thumb but I think black or dark colors look much better within the bridal colors.
You can also have look on other online stores like daraz.pk and gale style have awesome dresses like this.

Have a fun on the wedding and sharing your thought.
Keep in touch.


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Hi, Congrats for your bros marriage.
I'm replying here because I think in the marriage ceremony of bro......Boys look awkward wearing dresses like shyrwani, prince suits like that. All these dresses look adorable just for own marrige not for others. You should try a branded shalwaaar suit or any casual dress like paints and designer shirt. And if you can think about these dresses then some think like three piece suit. But for boy's sake change the things going same from long away. and don't wear dresses like groooms.


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I agreed with Miada. Jus groom should be looking like groom, not bros friends or other guests. Sometimes t looks to me like a band baja dress or a uniform. Guests and brothers should be nice causal dresses so that groom and bride get a special attraction.

Faizan Alam

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For best clothing store you must visit online store websites. I would suggest you to go through this website. They have different varieties and all kind of occasions suits they have. I have ordered for my brother wedding .It did not cost me that much high plus i got so much time to think about it and therefore the colours which i wanted i have found it on this site. Best men clothing varieties they have.
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