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Online studying

Usama Qadeer

New Member
I'm an intermediate student. I want to study online . Does anyone know about any good online website from which I can study all courses ??
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Staff member
Hello Usama,

What is your field of interest? There are many online education websites where you can learn many things like


These websites have courses related to almost every field. You can find some offers to get most of the courses for free.

Usama Qadeer

New Member
What about this website ?? My friend suggested me .

I liked the way they are teaching , watched some samples of them. I'm interested to study from this website because they're teaching in Urdu and it's probably good for me to study in my own language. So , I just wanna know the reviews about this website.


New Member
easily uderstandable and lot of information available .Alot of information available about every topic .way of teaching is good.every one can afford easily .