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Nutrition Tips For A Healthy Life.

A nutritious and balanced diet is the key to an active life.
One can stay healthy at any stage of his life by the adoption of a few practices, which are really important in this regard.
A few of these tips are shared as under:
  1. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water during the day. At least 8 glasses distributed in small quantities so as not to feel bloated.
  2. Try to avoid foods that are too spicy or salty, and consume more fruits and vegetables that are refreshing!
  3. Divide your main course into three parts. Have one-quarter of the plate filled with complex carbohydrates, one quarter with lean meat or meat alternatives, and a half with vegetables. This will ensure that you have a healthy balanced meal.
  4. Contrary to the sedentary lifestyle, some people tend to eat more and this can lead to weight gain. Eating healthy starters and choosing more fruits and vegetables, avoiding sweetened beverages, and being active every day will help you maintain your weight.
  5. To burn extra calories, make sure to be active by at least going for a walk every day, 2 hours after having your meal, which allows you time to digest your meal.
  6. A healthy breakfast gives you strength and vitality for the day. Make sure that this meal is rich in slowly absorbed Carbohydrates such as whole-grain bread, rice and whole-grain cereals that can help maintain your blood sugar levels.
  7. For plenty of vitamins and minerals vital to good health, make sure to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and to include a variety of vegetable in your soups!
  8. Choose dates, dried fruits and nuts as part of your diet. These provide healthy nutrients and are packed with energy, thus helping you keep your vitality during the day.
  9. Delightful sweets are hard to resist. To avoid consuming too many calories, indulge and enjoy with your family the tasty and creative delights while making sure you always practise portion control and moderation!!!
  10. To make your dishes lighter adopt healthy cooking methods such as grilling, boiling, simmering and roasting and add taste to the food with a wealth of vegetables, herbs and seasonings.
  11. For balanced nutrition, you can have other light meals before bedtimes such as low-fat yoghurt and a whole-wheat cheese sandwich, or some dried fruits and nuts.
  12. Avoid salty foods, such as canned or processed foods, salted nuts, and pickles, because these will increase your thirst during the day.
  13. Be creative with your salad. The more varied and colourful vegetables you include in your salad, the more assorted are the nutrients and antioxidants you get. This help protects your body cells and promotes good health, especially during this holy month.
  14. Be moderate in your consumption of fried products like samosa or pakoras, because deep-fried foods are high in calories and fat that could increase cholesterol levels in the blood. Instead, when you can, try to have them baked and stuffed with low-fat cheese.
  15. To control your calorie intake during the day, try to limit your portions, especially sweets. Instead, choose one type of sweets that you like every day and have a 3-finger size portion.
  16. Make sure that each of your meals includes complex carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes and burger which are absorbed slowly in your body, ensuring you have a stable level of glucose in your bloodstream for 4-5 hours
  17. Meats, legumes, eggs and dairy products are rich in proteins. Ensure you have at least one of these sources in every meal since proteins are very important for your body cells. They also increase your satiety level thus reducing the temptation for eating sweets.
  18. To avoid constipation, enrich your diet with fibre by eating vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes. Drink plenty of water and try to be active whenever possible.
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Consume less salt and sugar.
  • Reduce intake of harmful fats.
  • Avoid harmful use of alcohol.
  • Don't smoke.
  • Be active.
  • Check your blood pressure regularly.
  • Get tested.
plenty of vitamins and minerals vital to good health, make sure to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and to include a variety of vegetable in your soups!