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New and modern furniture trends 2017 and 2018

Discussion in 'Online Shopping discussion' started by Admin, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Mar 25, 2017
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    People in Pakistan are very touchy with making and furnishing homes with new designs of furniture and decor. Everybody in Pakistan makes a home almost once in Life. For burger class, changing furniture setting and interior is a normal yearly thing. But high and middle class is also under a great effect of making adorable homes and filing them with modern and luxury furniture.

    The market is filled with new and old royal style furniture. Here are some trendy furniture and color pictures getting likes in 2017/2018.

    This kitchen color scheme and interior is getting popularity in Europe and worldwide. White with orange, red, blue and silver Looks awesome.


    Blue and silver with delicate colors are most demanding all over the world nowadays. Look down in the pictures, sitting, drawing, and bedrooms have a luxury look with these colors and designs.




    Golden, wood, and white are also like always gets like but silver and black, blue combination is at the top rate.[​IMG][​IMG]

    Choose one of your and buy from your most trusted sellers after managing your budget.
    Best markets in Paksitan are chitral furniture, Gujranwala, sargodha, and almost every city has its local

    Share your experience, which place do you think is best for purchasing home goods and furniture.

    Also, ask others to suggest you best furniture designs and stores in Pakistan.

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Users Who Are Viewing This Thread (Users: 0, Guests: 1)

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