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Need Advice


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I need ur advice. before 7 years I got married with my own choice ( love marriage) I have 2 kids. I’m spending my normal life with my wife. if I talk about my financial condition ,so it’s normal .I have my own house and salary is 60000 pk. now I want to come my point

I m not satisfy with my wife regarding *** activity because after getting marriage she got fat day by day ,her weight is 105 Kg and her figure is completely out of order. Before 1 years back I use to involve different Girls so in the way I can full fill my needs

But now I have change .i don’t want to do any Haraam things .Should I go for 2nd marriage? Should I go again for Haraam things? Should I just bear in silent way? these things I m bearing last 4 years. Because after marriage 2 years she starting increasing weight


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It is sad to hear about hour story.what if you discuss with hour wife your problems then she might be helpful. I think 1st u talk to her.


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Dear worried brother
In fact you should discuss this with your wife and sk her to get smart , if u r in islamabad then bring her to my clinic for homeopathic slimming treatment. For further discussion pl contact at doctorpirzada at yahoo