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NAS Gas Home Appliances

Should consumer protection Department be vigilant in this regard?

  • People should avoid buying such products and Govt. should take strict action as well.

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Nayyar Abbas

New Member
There are a lot of companies doing business in Gas Appliances in Pakistan but they do not fulfill the requirements of consumer protection act, or somehow they deceive people with different tricks, for example NAS GAS company is selling its products with one year warranty but after only 30 days from the date of purchase they start to charge 500/- per visit, this is totally wrong, what if we had installed the product after one or two weeks from the date of purchase? What the warranty period meant for? if a problem arises due to the manufacturing fault of the product, they should rectify it without any charge rather they should be apologetic for their poor quality production. Most of the Gas appliances are purchased to install in new houses and it take some time to install and start its use.

Due to my bitter experience I wish to advise all the readers to avoid buying NAS Gas appliances as these are not up to the standards. The geyser may stop working any time even in the middle of something. Such a poor quality products they have.


Staff member
Hello Nayyar,

thanks for sharing your experience with us, our main purpose of creating this forum related to online shoping was to expose such things and frauds.

Most of the distributors and private companies sell the proeducts with big promisies, but they actually do not fulfill them.