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Motivational quotes and stories

Motivational quotes and stories is a forum to share quotes, stories, speeches and experiences that can motivate and inspire others. Following are some factors that highlight importance of motivation in our lives.

Motivation is one crucial thing in our life. It is impossible for a person to live without any motivation. It gives us a sense of purpose and desire to live, to achieve life, career, and business goals and aims, face the challenges in our life, and value the time and relations.

Everyone has goals in life. To achieve these goals and keep going smoothly towards the end you dream of, you need to be motivated. Because there are many obstacles that come in human life. Sometimes, you lose all the hope, get frustrated and stop fighting the problems and then keep blaming the fate for the rest of the life. No matter what your problems are whether the obstacles in the way of achieving your goals are the creation of natural disasters/ constant mishaps or the obstacles created by uneducated society and less practical government policies and law.

The solution is keeping yourselves motivated. Our sense of purpose gets and activated and revived when we provide our mind with a motivational environment. That is by watching motivational videos of motivational seminars or attending them, communicating with highly motivated people, reading motivational books and motivational quotes, inspiring stories, life success stories. It enables us to handle & overcome challenges. And that way when we keep moving forward, we find more opportunities towards the achievement of our goals and successful life.

There is nothing fixed that can give you motivation. It is an impression and cognition that can happen anytime and anywhere & through any source. The reason why we read motivational quotes and stories and watch motivational videos and speeches and recommend others to do so is that because it gives us a sense of motivation which has an equal effect on both our heart and mind. When our sense of purpose connects with the sense of motivation, we get the highest motivation. For example, when we read motivational quotes and stories, watch motivational videos, hear the life experiences of others, our sense of motivation gets activated and starts connecting with our sense of purpose.

When we are not motivated, everything seems to be unimportant. We are more into dreaming than investing in practical life. But when we have a purpose, our urge to achieve our goals moves from just planning to practical life & is reflected in our actions. Such as, we manage our time efficiently by making schedules & working harder. For instance, if you are motivated and want to live a healthy & fit life, you’ll be doing exercise daily. On the other hand, if you lack the motivation, you may think it is good for health and you will be planning to start daily exercise very soon but that “soon” never comes.

We are inspired and get motivated when we read motivational quotes & hear out others success stories Most people like to read about people who achieve something in life and how they get that kind of success. The stories of struggles, the beliefs, and values of successful people motivate and inspire us.
Yes, that is another perspective. Researches have shown that gratitude can motivate behaviors that lead to positive attitudes which ultimately lead to self-improvement.