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Mobile Accessories in Pakistan

Tayyab Ishaq

New Member
Cell Phone invention was the great technological invention of the modern age. Now cell phones have many featured with advanced technology that has reduced human efforts to many extant. But now there are many other Devices of new inventions that make more easy use of mobiles are directly or indirectly connect with mobiles having advanced featured.

Some of them are being discussed here in some details:

  • Mobile Ring Stents
Mobile Phone Stents are holding devices for mobile. On the back jacket of mobiles, there is leather and stents are made sticky and firmly stuck on backside holding mobiles tightly. Mobile stents are made of different shapes and styles like some stents rotate only in 180-degree and some phone stents can rotate in 360-degree rotation.

  • Mini USB LED light
These USB LED Lights for laptops have lightening functions. When connected any USB port LED light inside it turns on. It has a lightweight and also easy to carry.

  • OTG Converter
OTG converter for Android is a small device which is used for external memory purpose. OTG converter is like a USB converter which shows USB data on mobile screen when installing with OTG converter.

  • Ejector Pins
These ejector pin design has a simple shape and used in mobile phones like Apple, Xiome etc where sim trolly is used for sim installation. To eject that trolly this Pin is used.
Ejector pin material is of steel, also ejector pin sizes are about one and a half inches

  • Memory Cards
Memory Card is used for memory purposes in mobile. If a mobile has low memory-hard then there is an option to put a memory card inside its system to fulfill the memory loss problems. Memory cards are of different memory spaces are available in the market. Memory card price in Pakistan is according to the memory of cards.

  • USB Drive
USB Drive is like an OTG converter but the difference is that in the OTG converter the external USB is used that is converted to USB drive memory by using OTG converter on the other hand USB Drive has its own memory built-in it.

  • Charger Adapter
To charge a mobile charger is needed. Usually, the charger has two parts one is data cable and the second is a charger adapter. Some charger has three-pin charging legs and some charger are the two-pin charger. In cars, there is also a charger adapter that is connected with car battery mechanisms and charge mobile.
In pakistan mostly chargers are not the original one but a first copy, second copies are sold out. Therefore Samsung's three-pin charger in most of the shops is a first copy of the Samsung three-pin charger.

  • Data Cables
Data cable types are mostly of two
  1. C-type
  2. Android
C-types data cable is used C-type mobiles to transfer data as well as charging purposes. Android types of data cables are used for the same purposes as C-type.
Data cable functionality also depends on the working speed of charging and data transfer speed.

  • Manual Handsfree
Handsfree means without using hands we can listen to audios, calls, and videos through mobile without disturbing anyone. Hand frees also have a type of Bass Handsfree which has a functionality of Bass music. Handsfree prices in Pakistan vary from brand to brand.

  • Wireless Headphones
Wireless Headphones are the advances featured of mobile accessories that use a wireless connection with Bluetooth. Many types of Bluetooth earphones are available nowadays. Like
Sports Handsfree Bluetooth which is used only via Bluetooth connection and tension of wired finished.
One more is like earbuds in-ear without any wire called as like i7S TWS is paired or single devices used for the call as well as music.
One more type is a single earbud called Bluetooth mini earbud is a product of a good source of music and calls.

As technology is growing rapidly, the mobile accessories business in Pakistan is advancing at a very high speed. These above 10 devices are just a few, these can further be classified into their own categories with respect to brand and quality. dukaansay will keep updated about new technologies as they are coming into the market.