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Information MCAT students Fields and types of Bachelors in Pakistan.


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Top 31 fields that MCAT students can choose after F.Sc.

1) Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery(M.B.B.S)
2) Bachelor Of Dental Surgery(BDS)
3) Doctor Of Pharmacy(D.Pharmacy)
4) DPT (Doctor of Physiotherapy)
5) DVM (Veterinary Doctor)
6) Bachelor Of Pharmacy(B.Pharmacy)
7) BS (Hons.) Biotechnology
8 ) BS (Hons.) Microbiology
9) BS(Hons.) Medical Laboratory Technology
10) BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery)
11) BS (Hons.) Nanotechnology
12) BS (Hons.) Biogenetics
13) BS Agricultural Medicine
14) BS (Hons.) Biochemistry
15) BS (Hons.) Psychology
16) BS (Hons.) Nursing
17) BS (Hons.) Physiotherapy
18) BS (Hons.) Bioinformatics
19) Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology
20) BS (Hons.) Medical Image Technology
21) BS (Hons.) Audiology
22) BS (Hons.) Operation Theater Technology
23) BS (Hons.) Nutrition
24) BS (Hons.) Biology
25) BS (Hons.) Chemistry
26) BS (Hons.) Physics
27) BBA
28) MMG Molecular and Molecular Genetics
29) BS (Hons.) Food Sciences
30) CA/ACCA. 31) Repeat fsc