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Please guide mastitis treatment in cow

Treatment please
Cow temper. 100.5
Don't intake feed and fodder
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Acute mastitis. 5 days antibiotic treatment. A. local treatment - antibiotic solutions or ointment (penicillin with streptomycin or tetracycline) introduced on the nipple canal, immediately after a full milking, after each milking 2 times a day ) in morning, afternoon. B. injectable treatement: terramycine, oxytetracicline sol. 10 %, 20 ml/ i.v.
Chronic mastitis...
Use intramama/Gentamycine comb inj ceftri+tazo 4.3gm I/m,inj anti hista 10ml I/m,ini melox+para 15 ml i/m,inj corti steroid 5ml I/m applies externa oint mamital 3 days...