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life story Of Hazrat Umar R.A (Are you a trustworthy person?)

life story Of Hazrat Umar R.A
Are you a trustworthy person?

Yes, maybe - I do not know, it depends. - these are the usually answers to such question.

But really, are you? Ask yourself - “would I trust myself?”

We tend to always say that I do not trust him/her, I can’t trust him/her but have you thought for a second that maybe that same person sees you same?

Today, I would like to share with you one beautiful incident between ‘Umar Ibn Al Khattab and Al Ahnaf Ibn Qays Radiyallahu Anhum that laid down some of the qualities that we should avoid when choosing someone we could trust.

During the reign of ‘Umar Radiyallahu Anhu as Amir ul Mum’mineen he had a practice of testing his agents or candidates before appointing them in certain positions that involved taking care of the ummah.

It was said that he was very keen in this that some would take a long time before he would actually give or appoint someone - and this was what happened with Al Ahnaf Ibn Qays.

Al Ahnaf RA narrated:

“I came to ‘Umar Ibn Al Khattab and he kept me with him in Madinah for a year. He said: “O Ahnaf, I have been testing you and I have seen that you are outwardly good, and I hope that you are as inwardly (good) as you are outwardly.We used to say that this nation will be destroyed by knowledgeable hypocrites.” Then Umar asked me, “Do you know why I kept you here?” He then explained to me that he had wanted to test me, for he wanted to appoint me as governor.

And with this, he (’Umar) advised me the following:

”O Ahnaf, one who laughs too much loses dignity; one who jokes too much loses respect; whoever does something a great deal becomes known for it; one who speaks a great deal makes mistakes; one who makes many mistakes loses his sense of dignity. Whoever loses his sense of dignity loses his God-fearing (taqwa), and whoever loses his God-fearing (taqwa) is spiritually dead.”

Al Ahnaf later then became governor of Najaf in Iraq.

You may be wondering who was Al Ahnaf Ibn Qays Radiyallahu Anhu, so here’s some tidbit about him.

He was one of the best military commanders and was a great leader of the Banu Tamim. He was highly respected that his tribe wouldn’t make a decision until they receive his opinion on a matter.

When our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ died, some Muslims turned back and left Islam but his tribe along with him were one of the families that stayed Muslims.

And oh, he was called Al Ahnaf because of a defect on his foot - he was clubfooted (ahnaf).


Subhan’Allah such beautiful word of advice from ‘Umar RA that we all can reflect from and look out or avoid from dwelling into.

What is the connection of this story to my topic - its simple - we need to be cautious in people we trust to the extent that we should observe and test these people because these people once we make or open our doors for them in our lives can either bring us closer to Allah or stray us away from Him.

Indeed, from this story we can see that 'Umar as an Amir ul Mu’mineen didn't just depend on mere recommendations rather he would go on and do his own say on a matter. He was known to have appointed the best amongst the living sahabah during his time as governors - and indeed this was showcased as it was during his reign that Islam spread out very vastly (As many historians have described it as the golden age of Islam).

My dear brothers and sisters Islam, what does this story tell us? Trust is important in Islam - especially if it is a matter that involves the Muslim ummah. So when you do a campaign or a cause - remember that the money others give you for such cause is an amanah (trust).

When someone asks you to deliver a message or any goods to someone - know that this person has given you an amanah and have trusted you that you will deliver this to the receiving end.

These days, trust has been so rare that even in our own communities - it is hard to find. So bring back the days where we can leave shops unattended and no one will rob or no one will take and leave without paying or the likes.

Change starts within you. Be someone who you would trust and eventually this beautiful amanah will come back in our communities. in sha Allah.

May Allah make us people who can be trusted and are always having taqwa in our hearts.


Umm Umar Khaled

Story was taken from:

• Al Wilaayah All Buldan 1/142