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Latest mobile/newcoming phone guesse which one?

Which one is best mobile?

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New Member
New mobiles coming in October 2017 are
  • Huawei Mate 10: 16 October 2017
  • Nokia 9: Late-October 2017
  • Motorola Moto X4: Late-October 2017

Of course, these all are not going to be so cheap. But I love Nokia.This one is so smart and good looking. I can't wait for it.
Please suggest me which online shop is selling it very first and also at reasonable price. And also suggest me if Nokia is best or any other one above.
Thanks, all of you.tIdon


New Member
I'm Using Lumia windows ten. And it's really awesome to do office work at anywhere and for using social media.Whenever you want to buy a mobile. you need to know about its functions.


New Member
In pakistan
Alcatel pixie 4 tablet Price :- 13,900 RS.
Is also a very good iPhone with a very nice look and good apps. You can try this one.


New Member
Aslam o Alikum. mobiles discussion in the biggest trauma of our generation and buying and selling is the featured activity Pakistan. Anyhow, I'm not neglecting its need it is a need and a good thing to work more fastly. But we should focus on other more important things also. If you are searching good quality and nice rice, have a look at telemart.pk. they also having some offers and discounts.
I had recently bought this Huawei and got a nice discount.