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Laptop Stuck in Start Up

Step 1. Enter the Safe Mode on Windows 10

Of course, you can’t enter the safe mode via the power icon with the Shift key or via the Settings. Luckily, we’ve got the answer for you:

1. Hold the power button for seconds to shut down the black screen PC spinning with dots.

2. Press the power button to turn on the machine.

3. Repeat 1 and 2 until you see the Recovery screen.

4. Click on the See advanced repair options button.

5. Select Troubleshoot.

6. Choose Advanced options, Windows Startup Settings and Restart in order.

7. Press F5 to Enable Safe Mode with Networking.

Step 2. Uninstall the Dedicated Video Card Driver

Video cards include integrated graphics card adapter, like Intel, and dedicated graphics card adapter, like NVIDIA, AMD, ATI, etc.. Dedicated graphics driver update often causes some display issues, like black screen, blue screen, ghost touch screen, screen flickering, etc..

If Windows 10 is installing some accumulative updates or video driver updates, you PC may get stuck on the black screen with circle or dots.

Note:Before any driver changes, it’s important to backup the drivers so that you can restore the drivers once Windows 10 Fall Creators Update/Windows 10 Creators Update runs into other system problems. It’s recommended to use Driver Talent, a professional driver manager, to backup all the important drivers with one-click.