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ladies dresses for pakistani women


New Member
So, This is my first thread in this community,

I love to shop at different stores to choose the best "ladies dresses:. I know being a woman this problem is not with me only :) almost every women when finsih shopping feels something is missing. I have chosen many types of ladies dresses for this summer but still i feel something is missing,

do anyone else have some awesome idea to choose something different in the category ladies dresses for this summer??

any recommendation of dresses from online or traditional store would be higly appreciated. But please tell me only the stores which you have tried and are sure about their quality.


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Hi @Marium

Same goes with me ha ha,Whenever i come back from shopping i always feel something is missing.
Can you tell me what type of ladies dresses you have bought and from where and how its going? Because summer is on us at such a fast pace that i did not get time to shop anything,
Perhaps your shopping can help me too :p

and yes i would recommend you ladies dresses once i am back from my shopping for sure :p

Faizan Alam

New Member
Best dresses for me is online . i have really found amazing designs with beautiful multi colours on their website. I would recommend if girls are looking for best dresses then should see to their website. I have recently got my two dresses from them and it is looking fabulous on me. online stores have different options if you check for dresses. Ladies dresses are so common and everybody wants to buy the best one. I get always crazy when i see dresses for me.
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