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Humor is considered one of the many common forms of human communication and social interaction. In today’s life, we get so much involved in our work and life issues that we forget to take out time for refreshment and a good laugh. Here at Jokes and Humor forum, you can view and share funny jokes, funny videos or humorous stories and your personal funny experiences. Following are a few reasons that highlight the importance of jokes and humor in our life.

Jokes and humor have health benefits. They make us laugh and relax which impacts the body in positives sense. Humor relieves us from stress and lightens our body. Funny jokes boost up the human immune system, when we laugh, by increasing infection-fighting antibodies. It also impacts blood circulation, helps with heart and other cardiovascular problems. Laughing stimulates most of the organs of the body induces many physical changes. For instance, when we laugh, endorphins that are released by brain increase, these endorphins help in reducing pain.

It relieves Stress and Sooth Tension. Funny jokes and humor help in relieving our depression, tension, anger and stress and make us feel light, happy and irritation free. It also proved in researches that it helps in reducing anxiety and fear. Laughter increases blood pressure and heart rate, both of which cools down our stress response. It has become one of the crucial aspects of everyday life. Because it serves as a tool to divert our attention from our problems to make ourselves relax and clear our head and then we are able to face the dark times in our lives more maturely by thinking in the positive ways. There is also a perception that humor is the key to find happiness.

Why should you Develop a Sense of Humor?

Jokes and humor tune our capabilities and sharpen our sensibilities. By bringing out the lighter side, it improves one’s personality and expresses without hesitation. But you should ensure before sharing a joke that you are not hurting or insulting someone in the process and it does not attack, for instance, on color, caste, religion, etc. Help people laugh more and keep your surroundings and healthy & light by sharing funny jokes and humorous stories.

Feelings of Contentment and enjoyment--- Funny jokes and humorous stories bring out the lighter and carefree side of a person whether you are sharing it with others or hearing out someone else or reading/ watching it. It allows people, to escape the bounds of reality and indulge their capacity for creativity and originality.

Satirical Humor

It plays a role in the development of society as a whole through the form of humor called satire- in which political and social institutions and individuals in the public eye are humanized and ridiculed and social issues are highlighted. This may be simply a means of realizing tension, and hence may be supportive of the status quo, or it may lead to social change in the system. It is able to bring out new ways for people to realize, think and act upon and offers a different perspective into current social events. It encourages people in some way to question their own values, beliefs, and acceptance of the norms of society and here joking goes deeper than just a laugh!