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Jewelry trends in Pakistan 2017/2018

Which product is most trendy faishion?

  • Eyeglasess

    Votes: 2 50.0%
  • Watch

    Votes: 1 25.0%
  • Hand bag

    Votes: 1 25.0%

  • Total voters


Staff member
Jewelry is always being the first priority in fashion product. And from top to toe women gets mad for jewelry. That's why jewelry trends and fashion industry never listen no in the market. New jewlery trends and styles are being introduced every year and with all old styles of heavy jewllery new light weight jewlery trend is having awesome designs.

Here a new statistic of jewelry trends and jewelry/fashion industry is being revealed. You could make For 2017/2018 Indian jewelry trend have high statistics with 700+ strike rate
It is being liked and wore all over the world. With the high price, it is at the top.

Chines jewelry trend is at second no with the 6oo+ strike rate. It has a more demand because of its pricing. You can find all jewelry trends and designs at very reasonable price.

European jewelry is also had a good demand and it is at 160+ static rate. But as the world economy is lower. Its high pricing is making it just a dream for jewelry lovers. Otherwise, people who have enough money and like to wear unique and quality jewelry they are buying it more likely.

Uk jewelry is at 160 strike rate. With good quality and modern style jewelry is more trendy. But the price is making it out of reach to many women who are jewelry lover.
More trends revealed in this video.
Stay tuned and suggest each others best s


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Hello this is Maida
I want to buy an awesome stylish handbag for my daily use. I'm a big lover of handbags. Recently I had been appointed as a lecturer and now the bag is my daily need with a craze of style. I want to buy a new and unique bag of pretty color.
By the way, don't think me I'm going to be so bored as a lecturer and would prefer to buy a bag that will be of a mature look. Instead, I will like to live in style.Please suggest me design/style of a bag or a great online shopping deal in Pakistan. Thank you so much.

Faizan Alam

New Member
Jewelry Trend in Pakistan is more for jhumkas. You can wear in wedding and not just for wedding now they have for casual wear also. Not necessary they have wedding jhumkas. This is one of the most famous trend happening in Pakistan. I would suggest to go for this it is best and going on in trend. You can search for normal earings as well but this is one of the latest one and have been famous a lot. Many people wear this at weddings and specially in some occasions.