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International Politics Forum

Pakistan Forums seeks to educate and engage our community on global issues and therefore, provides International Politics forum as a platform to encourage a more complete understanding of the world's opinions on international relations geography, history, and economics. Its major focus is on the idea of how power operates between and within states in the international arena.

International relations forum presents a cross-section of all-partisan mainstream content, from left to right and across the world. For instance, topics such as ethnic conflict, human rights, terrorism, economic and political development, the environment, globalization, foreign and economic policy-making, and national security.

International Politics forum has possibilities for rich, online human–to–human interaction, individual opinions, discussions, and debates. Contributors and readers including diplomats, ambassadors, economists, military leaders, journalists, educators, and other great minds can express views independently and individually and challenge us to think critically about issues of global significance and the role of Pakistan in the international arena.

So, the major subjects that are concerned with International politics are International Political Economy, National Security and International Relations (which include foreign policy). Foreign relations with other countries are based on international communication. In order to have a stable place on the International stage, there has to be a strong and effective foreign policy.

International Politics is a course for discussion of political and social issues. In a world, where thousands of nuclear weapons exist, to become nuclear powers, more countries are trying to acquire them; where suicide terrorist attacks come without warning and thousands of humans die each day from poverty & hunger caused by the way the international system operates, we need to have awareness and knowledge about international relations and understand international politics.

The International Politics forum can be used in bringing to light many causes to the attention of the mass audience. For instance, the Ice Bucket Challenge for motor neuron disease (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease), Syria’s refugee crisis, and the air quality in Beijing are all examples of issues and movements which have already been benefited from online platforms and its ability to rapidly disseminate images, latest news and information to the public.

It has the following fundamental impacts on international politics:

• Online international relations forums & discussions amplify and multiply the number of voices and interests that are involved in complicating international decision-making, international policy-making and reducing the exclusive control of states in the process

• International relations forum frees and accelerates the dissemination of information about any event or which can impact on its handling and consequences.

• It enables and allows diplomatic services to be delivered more cost-effectively and faster, both to ones’ own government and citizen and to those of other countries.

By participating in International Politics forum, you can not only explore movements and pieces you agree with but also those to which you don't agree. It is one way to challenge the worldly affairs, analyze the international relations and share views and information with others as well as have discussions with like-minded people.