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impact of Dirilis Ertugrul drama on young genration

Enjoy the deceptive, cheerful words of boyfriend and girlfriend and say good morning and good evening! Hi there! What did our young generation know about the Ottoman Caliphate? Who were Suleiman Shah, Ertugrul and Usman? Why did you live ?? What was the purpose of his life? What did he do for his nation, tribe and the entire Muslim Ummah? How did you save your nation from oppression?

Did they know who Genghis Khan, Hulaku Khan and the Mongols were? What kind of tyrant was he? How did they torture Muslims ?? How did they destroy the settlements ?? How did the streets of Baghdad get stained with blood ?? How can rivers of blood flow that the water of the river Tigris had turned red ?? And how they poured the great books of knowledge of the Muslims into the river Tigris which made the water of the river black for many days.

May God bless Turkey that through Dirilis Ertugrul shook the internet and the nation in love, created a desire to live in a new way and put them in a new direction. The courage and bravery they inherited from their forefathers they kept in their lodge, did not put the history of their forefathers behind them, did not confine their glorious past to the history books, the sacrifices of their martyrs and conquerors. Did not forget

The benefit of Dirilis Ertugrul was that today our young people became acquainted with famous Muslim leaders like Ertugrul and Usman. The trumpets of Turkey and the Ottoman Caliphate started ringing in all corners of the world. Who was its founder ?? What difficulties and sufferings were fought to establish the Khilafah ?? What conspiracies did Ertugrul and Uthman have to deal with in this journey of Khilafah? How did Haima Khatun have to work with courage, perseverance and patience ?? How did this great nation leave an indelible mark on the pages of history? Subhan Allah!!!!

Certainly these were the people who are the epitome of Allama Iqbal's poems:

We were in a frenzy
Sometimes fighting on land, sometimes in rivers

Adhans in the churches of Europe
Sometimes in the scorching deserts of Africa

Shaun did not look into the eyes of the people
We used to recite Kalima with swords in the shadows

Today, efforts to revive the Khilafah are in full swing. As the 100-year treaty to abolish the Khilafah expires in 2023, on the one hand, Turkish Presidents are moving towards the Khilafah through de facto democracy, and on the other hand, Turkey is ideologically pursuing public opinion for the Khilafah and the Islamic State Succeeding in smoothing.

We have placed the image of Tawhid in every heart
We also conveyed this message under the dagger

Of course, the nations that follow in the footsteps of their predecessors are always alive, and this period of Turkey will be written in golden letters in the bright chapters of history. We pay tribute to this great achievement of Turkey and offer lots of prayers and gifts.