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I'm not depressed

Sometimes all we need is to motivate ourselves and muster up the courage to face all the trivialities with determination and self confidence and here is an example of those emotions pen down by me on piece of paper.

I am not depressed
I'm not depressed
because now I'm being impressed
By myself,my thoughts and my feelings
bcz to all my wounds, I have become my own healing

I no longer blame others
for hurting me, for torturing me
Coz they are actually nurturing me
bringing out me from myself

But some moments are very pinching
I feel as having nothing
Not a single trait to be proud of
Not a petty reason to smile

Not have any skill worth showing
but still I know that I'm growing
trying to bring out the best
forgetting all about the rest

But one day I'll let you know
of all the struggles I have been through
Bcz I'm not depressed anymore
And I can do anything for sure
I can do anything for sure!!!